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February 16th, 2012, 2:18 am

Hiatus until April!

Hey guysss!

Sorry that I haven't gotten a good look at the comments. I'm surprised that I have over 40 people following this comic now!? WOW.

Since my life has gotten 100x more busy since I not only have to finish my second year animated film by end of March, but also make a Flash game by the end of the quarter, go to my Neopets internship two days a week (the major thing that is holding me up, actually!), keep up my goal of uploading a drawing every day, prepare for upcoming artist alleys, do a few commissions, and do something for the Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary, I'll be taking a break from this comic until early April. Well... not like I already haven't not uploaded for a month. *gets smacked*

Jeez, when I list all that out, I'm sort of freaking myself out even more!! AHHH!!

But no worries, I still have extremely dumb ideas to make into comics. XD;; If I manage to come up with some super super short ones, I'll upload those~

I'm also working on making small character portraits so I can finally have a legitimate character introduction page. You'll ACTUALLY know their names (unless some of you follow my Deviantart).

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